Company overview

One of the things that makes QuickCall great is that it was founded by an immigrant, and we employ immigrants and ethnic people in the US, Canada and more than 20 countries. We serve a growing list of customers in 180 countries! Our customers are typically people with families and friends in other countries, as well as global business travelers, and we love the experience of working with all these cultures together.

QuickCall was launched in 2014, as a startup managed by SRVR LLC, a trusted provider of international long distance services in USA, Canada and Australia: SRVR LLC has been in business since 2002, managing both consumer and business telecom brands as well as software services related to communication. The network they built gives QuickCall a great advantage in being able to provide high quality international long distance, at a discounted price.

QuickCall is a startup, which means that we rely almost entirely on customer love and word of mouth referrals to help us grow our market.  We have been getting some press, and we hope you’ll tell a friend (bonus: we’ll give you up to $5 for referrals) or engage with us on social media like Facebook at Twitter. The more people who use QuickCall, the better it gets for everyone! You can always send us suggestions and bug reports at

Over 100,000 people connected each month!