Calling the traditional way

In order to call internationally, you must have an international calling service. With many international calling services you will also have to dial an access numbers and PIN before dialing the exit code.

  1. 1

    Dial the USA exit code — 011.

  2. 2

    Dial the Cameroon country code — 237.

  3. 3

    Dial the area code or city code of the destination and the phone number.

Calling the way

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Cameroon, or The Republic of Cameroon, is a country in Central Africa. The capital city of Cameroon is Yaoundé, but the largest city is Douala. The current population of the country is just over 22 million people—and around 25% of that population has been an increase over just the past ten years.

There are over 1738 individual linguistic groups in Cameroon, giving the country the nickname “Africa in Miniature.” However, the official languages are English and French.

  • Cameroon’s name derives from the Rio de Camarões, or Prawn River. Portuguese explorers in the 1400s renamed the Wouri River this because of the large number of shrimp and crayfish that the river contained.
  • Cameroon is one of Africa’s football (soccer) powerhouses. They were the first African country to reach the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup and have won the African Cup of Nations four times in 1984, 1988, 2000 and 2002.
  • Sports are popular in Cameroon—with soccer being the most popular sport. However, the country is also one of the few tropical countries that have competed in the Winter Olympics.
  • Debuncha, an area that lies in the foothills of the Cameroon mountains, reports over 400 inches (10,000 mm) of rain annually. This makes it the world’s second wettest location.
  • Cameroon has produced many internationally renowned musicians, the most famous of whom is Manu Dibango. The top-selling African record in history is a Cameroon native—Prince Nico Mbarga.
  • The country has one of the highest rates of school attendance in Africa.
  • While mud-and-thatch homes are popular, this is changing. Materials like cement and tin are becoming much more widespread throughout the country today.