Calling Cards don’t deliver on their promises

Paper or even e-calling cards make big promises: low rates, convenient calling, low fees. Unfortunately, many times those promises are not worth the plastic they are printed on! You might spend $5 on a card, but will you actually get $5 worth of value? We recently commissioned a research study to investigate, and you’ll be shocked at what we found.

Avoid Calling Card tricks – just enjoy low rates!

The tricks are well known, and we found plenty of scams in our research: calls rounded to the “nearest 3 minutes”, “Initiation” and “Hang-up” fees, and rates that change without warning. It’s no wonder that many international calling card users get about half of the value they purchase out of their cards! QuickCall is different. We offer all the benefits of the best calling cards with none of the tricks that give calling cards such a bad reputation. is better than calling cards

QuickCall – Simply Better than Calling Cards

We’re upfront about our rates and we have no fees to drain your balance. Simply download the free app to start calling today! 

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