QuickCall is proud to be a quality player in the telecom industry, as we offer free and cheap calls and chats to our app users. Here is a breakdown of how we stack up against our biggest competition.

QuickCall versus Skype

  • QuickCall offers much lower rates across the board for voice calls.
  • Skype charges a connection fee for each voice call, whereas QuickCall has no hidden fees.
  • QuickCall has a more integrated user experience—you can chat and speak app-to-app for free, then switch easily to talking to mobile and landlines.
  • QuickCall offers more frequent promotions such as referral credits, top-up discounts and bonus credits.

QuickCall versus Rebtel

  • QuickCall offers lower rates across the board on per-minute prices.
  • QuickCall offers free chatting, which Rebtel has discontinued.
  • Rebtel gives one year of free app-to-app calling, whereas ours is unlimited.
  • QuickCall’s service updates your rates to the newest ones, however Rebtel’s customers get locked into the per-minute prices that existed over time. Legacy Rebtel customers are paying more for their calls than newer ones.

QuickCall versus Boss Revolution

  • QuickCall is available for download in dozens of countries, whereas Boss Revolution is available only in the US and Canada.
  • Boss Revolution doesn’t offer chat!
  • Boss Revolution does not offer free app-to-app calling.
  • Boss Revolution has competitive rates, but in many countries, QuickCall has a better rate.

QuickCall versus WhatsApp

  • Whatsapp only offers app-to-app calling and chat, whereas you can use QuickCall to call landlines or anyone who doesn’t have the app.
  • Whatsapp only works on Wi-Fi or data plans. QuickCall does too, but we also allow US and Canada customers to use their cellular minute plans when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

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