• Trouble Making a Call? Start here:

  • Access Number
    Dial the access number.

    Wait for the message, “Welcome to QuickCall.com”.

    Enter the country code + phone number, then the pound (#) key.

    Need to know how to call using your PIN?

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  • If you didn't receive your phone verification code, you can log in to your account using the username and password you created during sign up. If your phone is not verified, you will immediately be asked to verify your phone. From here you can resubmit your phone number to get a new code.

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  • A PIN is not required when you are calling from your registered phone. If you need to call from an unregistered phone, you can find your PIN by logging into your account and clicking the ‘Profile’ link.

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  • Trouble Adding Credit? Try these:

  • The app allows you to add credit only after you set up a payment method in your account.

    Simply go to My Account and add a credit card to your account. Then you'll be able to recharge right from the app. If you've done this and still can't add credit, there may be an issue with your payment information. to confirm everything is correct.

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  • If you have added credit before but can't now, it is due to one of two issues:

    1. First, your payment method may have a conflict and you need to go to My Account to update your payment information.
    2. Second, you may have reached your weekly recharge limit. Until we get to know each other you can add $15 in credit per week. After 3 weeks, we raise that limit to $50 per week.

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For any other questions you may have, check out the full list of frequently asked questions or .