Dan Banu

Dan Banu


Dan Banu is a company leader who leads with empathy, knowledge and experience. His career history combines significant financial acumen with technological experience, achieving success with challenging and complex businesses. His vision for SRVR LLC is to capture the industry’s largest share of ethnic market segments, and also to extend its service capabilities to the mobile platform – to be among the few companies that provides seamless calling service no matter where you are, around the globe.

Prior to entering the telecommunications field, Mr. Banu spent a number of years working in the financial sector for LaSalle Bank (later merged with Bank of America). It was there that he discovered a passion for building teams and projects from the ground up, and also for designing strategies and systems for high efficiency and returns. He helped to automate many of the processes and remove cost and waste from projects. Mr. Banu brought this talent to SRVR LLC and focused first on long distance carrier relationships, where his meticulous scrutiny uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in overbilling by providers, immediately adding value to the bottom line of the company. He worked through various projects and divisions in the company, successfully building out three new projects and supporting teams, and was promoted to President in 2015 after the company was sold.

Mr. Banu is enthusiastic about delivering results by helping develop and focus teams, and by incorporating metrics in management.  His background in strong financial modeling, statistics and planning helps him assess risk, identify key trends, and reduce operational expenditures in companies that he manages.

Mr. Banu is married with four children, and resides outside of Detroit, Michigan.