Daniel Popa

Daniel Popa

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Popa is a native of Romania. With his parents, he emigrated to the United States in 1990 to escape communism. His father, a clay miner, and his mother wanted a better life for their children.
Like many entrepreneurs, Mr. Popa did not follow a traditional education path and is a three-time college dropout: there was always a business idea that popped into his head that was more attractive than college. Today, he has led parallel careers in telecom, tech and mineral mining.

He currently owns 11 companies around the world, the majority of which focus in telecommunication services for consumers and businesses. Four of his current telecom brands focus primarily on international long distance services, while others provide business support services such as call center personnel and technology, VOIP service and licensed software for telecom billing.
Mr. Popa began his career as an agent for Exel Communications, a network marketing model for long distance services, and quickly found the inspiration for the largest part of his business portfolio. He started marketing to ethnic communities, particularly Romania and other immigrant communities where he had relationships. After learning the business as an independent for Exel and others, he launched his own network to serve the ethnic market through lower rates and high-touch call center teams that spoke 32 different languages. The resulting wholesale entity, SRVR LLC, now serves both managed brands and clients as a provider of infrastructure, technology, marketing and back office functions.

Within 4 years of inception, the company grew to over 600 employees in the US, with several thousand contractors around the world. Revenues grew from zero to $44 million during that same period, primarily from calling services, with some wholesale and B2B revenue relationships. SRVR is a global company, with facilities in the US, Romania, Moldovia and Canada.

Lately, he has stepped into the world of Virtual Reality with TimeWalk3D, the first VR platform that connects people to a functioning copy of our world where you can hang with friends from social media, go shopping, visit, watch entertainment, etc. The mining companies Mr. Popa owns are focused primarily in the US and Romania, extracting high value minerals for agriculture and consumer markets.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Popa is actively involved in charitable support. For past 10 years he has helped the “Little Samaritan Mission”, a nonprofit helping children around the world (especially in Moldovia) providing school supplies, clothes, food, and heat for homes.
Mr. Popa is married with four children, and maintains residences in Florida and Michigan.