Saving money while calling internationally can be tricky. Country codes... Access Numbers... PINs... all in addition to the number you want to reach. Many people are looking for an easier way to dial.

Turn International Numbers into Local Numbers's Direct Dial changes international numbers into local numbers. You can save your new Direct Dial number right in your phone's contacts list and dial with a single click. It makes placing an international call as simple as calling across the street.

Direct Dial Advantages

  • Dial 60% faster without pauses
  • Turn long strings of numbers into a single local phone number
  • Skip the Access Number and PIN

Get Direct Dial for Free

You get up to five free Direct Dial numbers when you sign up for your account. Assigning them is easy, just log in to your online account and enter the numbers you call most often. You have to be a customer to get Direct Dial.

The service is available for USA and Canada only.

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Credits Never Expire

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1-Minute Rounding

No more overcharging. Pay for talk time. Period.

No Hidden Fees

There are never connection or termination fees.


Spend what you like and set your own budget.

Call Internationally Faster with Direct Dial - It's FREE!

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