International Phone Calls and Chat

Simply buy calling credits, download the app and start communicating! You can call to over 180 countries, either free or very low cost:

  • Call and chat FREE to other app users (see details)
  • Calls to landlines or no-app mobiles are billed at low minute rates
  • Use WiFi, data plan or cell phone plan (cell phone plan usage only for US and Canada)
  • Use in your home country or when traveling
  • Easy to use, syncs with your contacts automatically

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One phone, multiple numbers

Get a second (or third) line on your cell phone! Keep your “real” cell number private. Use as a separate business line, or save your customers and friends money if they are calling you from another country. For example, if you live in USA but you have relationships in China, you can get a virtual China phone number. It’s cheap or free for them to call to your virtual China number, and you pay a low minute rate when making outbound calls to them.

  • Instant activation!
  • As low as $4.99 for monthly subscription (price varies by country)
  • Receive unlimited calls free
  • Make calls to any country, at low prepaid minutes rate (search current rates), so you only pay for what you use
  • Free voice mail

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