QuickCall beats even the “big guys” for cost and convenience: no contract, no taxes, no hidden fees. Pay only for the minutes you use, at low rates (or free). You don’t have to switch carriers – keep your existing provider. You’ll get far lower international call rates to 180+ countries! Plus, you can use it when traveling worldwide.

We know you love FREE, so we combine full featured app-to-app calling and chat service (just like Whatsapp and Skype) plus we also give you a low cost option to switch seamlessly to a minute rate service to call landlines and mobiles outside the app network. Read more comparison details.

Traditional international phone cards have hidden fees, high rounding charges and random expiration dates. With QuickCall, you don’t pay ANY hidden fees and there’s no expiration date for credits! It’s so much more convenient to use, too – sync your phone contacts automatically, and instantly refill your account (or set up auto-renew so you never have to be interrupted).

How It Works

Customers in dozens of countries can use QuickCall – it’s not just limited to USA customers!

QuickCall features work best with the app installed on your smartphone, but if you are in the US or Canada, you can also use the long distance service from any type of device, with or without the app. You do not have to switch your primary phone carrier, QuickCall is an easy add-on that you can use whenever you need. It’s a prepaid calling service, so you have the lowest rates possible (plus you can call and chat with other app users for free).

  1. Purchase credits first so you can make calls and take advantage of our new customer bonus. (Purchase is not required for app download or use, but it is recommended in case you need to call someone who doesn’t have the app or is on land line.)
  2. Download and install the free QuickCall app from your iPhone or Android app store.
  3. Complete your profile, and you’re ready to call!

IMPORTANT: Customers outside the US or Canada must be on wifi or data to call, to ensure that you are not charged roaming fees by your carrier.

Other Options for US and Canada Customers Only

  1. Purchase credits and complete your profile using mobile or desktop computer.
  2. Check your email for the confirmation and access numbers you can use to make calls. (Canada customers: you may select toll free in your MyAccount settings after enrollment, to avoid local toll charges.)
  3. Simply dial the access number, then your destination number. You will be billed a local call price for international calls (check rates).

US/CA customers only: you have the option of PINless or PIN calling, which means you can use QuickCall service from any phone if you’re not roaming out of country. See MyAccount for details on how to use this feature. If you do not wish to install the QuickCall app, you can also register the numbers you call the most for fast direct dial access without having to dial access numbers. See MyAccount for instructions.

See terms and conditions for full details and restrictions.