Make International Calls Using our App or with Any Phone

Talking with your friends and family in other countries used to be expensive. Then came calling cards advertising cheaper rates but delivering higher fees… and a whole industry was born. Now, it’s difficult to tell who has the best rates, which service is easiest to use, and how to avoid hidden fees and charges. The major phone carriers offer international plans, but when you read the fine print you are often not getting the most for your money (or you are limited in where you can call). is dedicated to making international calling simple, affordable and fully transparent. You can use your smartphone, landline, mobile or cell phone to make calls – all at some of the lowest rates anywhere. Check out our rate page to see for yourself. Our rates are very competitive, and we don’t charge extra fees on top of your call minutes.

Bonus: you can even make free international calls to other app users! Download our calling app and try for yourself.

Cheap Phone Calls with or without PIN (PINless calling)

Using traditional paper phone cards for international calls requires dialing and remembering a lot of extra numbers. Now, it’s as easy to dial your international contacts as it is to make a local call.

Just register your phone with Then, when you call, your phone will be instantly recognized by our system and you won’t have to enter a PIN.

Of course, sometimes you don’t have your phone with you, or you want to share your account with your friends and family. Then, just log-in and print out your own calling cards to carry with you or share. They’ll include your local access number and your PIN, so you’ll be able to use your account just like a calling card no matter where you are.

How Can Offer Cheaper and Free International Calls?

Many apps and carriers offer free wifi calling and app calling. But sometimes their quality isn’t good, or you don’t have a wifi connection. is not tied to a single platform. We use VoIP, 3G & 4G data lines and good old fashioned copper wire to deliver you the best call quality wherever you are calling. The simple truth is, different nations have radically different communication infrastructures. The only way to get the lowest possible price on international calls is to remain flexible and use them all.

We track rates for all international carriers and work hard to get you the lowest rates with the best quality connections. We never stop trying to save you money on your long distance calls. And we designed our international phone app to let you talk for FREE to other app users when you are on wifi.

Dial international numbers and talk for less

Credits Never Expire

Stop paying for credits you’ll never get to use!

1-Minute Rounding

No more overcharging. Pay for talk time. Period.

No Hidden Fees

There are never connection or termination fees.

Pinless Dialing

Dial 60% faster than traditional calling cards.


Spend what you like and set your own budget.

Custom Calling Cards

Print your own to share with your friends and family.