How to Make International Calls from the USA: A Guide

A quick guide to making international calls, how domestic and international phone numbers work, and a brief look at international calling rates.


Difficult but Necessary

QuickCall is a global company based in America,

Read Article Call & Chat App Now Available in 45 Countries Worldwide

QuickCall calling and texting app has officially expanded the Global Version of its international calling app to allow download of the app in 45 different countries worldwide, including African and Middle Eastern countries which are large consumers of international calling.

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QuickCall to Debut “Pathway” Software for Refugee and Migrant Support

Refugees with Aid Workers

New comprehensive management solution for aid organizations to be demonstrated at the North American Refugee Health Conference in Toronto, Canada

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International Calling Card Rip-Off

New research of top calling card brands finds up to 78% of advertised value is not delivered. International prepaid phone cards are commonly used by immigrants and travelers who call family and friends in other countries.

Read Article Global Reach Includes Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Perú and Brazil

QuickCall available in Mexico international calling app now available in 67 countries worldwide. The phone app is available in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Perú and Brazil.

Read Article adds Italy and Portugal to European Global Reach

QuickCall Appy Awards

The communications app is now available for download in Italy and Portugal. Now, people in 67 countries can make cheap and free calls to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

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You have a call from Moldova (and a message from Vietnam)!

QuickCall app is formally announcing the beta launch of the expanded Global Version of app for free international calls and chats.

Read Article a Finalist for Prestigious Appy Award

QuickCall Appy Awards, a managed brand SRVR, LLC, is a finalist in the Multicultural Media App category. serves the needs of people with international friends and families, utilizing its international calling network to provide a social and business calling solution.

Read Article adds Ecuador, Honduras, Guyana and Peru to Global Reach

QuickCall available in South America

The phone app is now available for download in Ecuador, Honduras, Guyana and Peru. Now, people in 64 countries can make cheap and free calls to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

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“Phone Card Killer” – New App Replaces Traditional International Calling Cards

QuickCall calling and texting app is disrupting the mature calling-card industry, which has for decades provided cheap long distance calls to migrants and travelers. This new “phone card killer” technology is enabling people to use a smartphone app for high definition international voice calls, without a carrier contract or paper phone card. It also provides free wifi calls and texting to other app users.

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