“Phone Card Killer” – New App Replaces Traditional International Calling Cards

September 1, 2015

A new trend in telecommunications is disrupting the mature calling-card industry, which has for decades provided migrants and travelers a low cost alternative to carrier plans for international and long distance calls. A new breed of “phone card killer” technology is enabling people to use a smartphone app for international voice calls, without a contract or paper phone card.

QuickCall.com has released the Android version of its new international calling app, which blends international voice minutes and free international wifi calls seamlessly in one experience. QuickCall.com is a managed brand of SRVR, LLC, which has provided low cost international long distance services to consumers for nearly two decades. Having an extensive voice network and deep relationships with carriers worldwide enables it to do something that many app developers can’t touch: extend wholesale rates on international calls to the public. QuickCall.com leaders see this as a logical evolution in its business model.

“Paper calling cards are obsolete,” said chief marketing officer Dana Todd. “They’ve been ripping people off for decades now, primarily immigrants and unwitting travelers. Free wifi calling is available from other apps, but it’s not always convenient for people to use, and they may prefer high quality voice calls to family back home. We give them the best of both options.”

Traditionally, customers buy phone cards in grocery stores or online, which gives them “minutes” and a local access number that can be used for international calls. The downsides are that calling stops abruptly when the money runs out, and also most phone cards have hidden access fees or expire in a short period. QuickCall.com’s solution is superior because:

There are no hidden fees, and credits don’t expire on active accounts.
It allows people to easily check and add to their balance online or in-app.
It syncs to their mobile contact list, so there’s no special numbers to dial.
Customers are not restricted to calling one country, it’s fully flexible to over 200 countries.
Free calling and texts to other app users, and no ads in the app.
Todd continued, “Our highly transparent approach is a benefit to smart customers who are watching their budgets or looking for an alternative to carrier plans. Our first iPhone app released in April has been a big hit with customers, and we are getting attention for our Android app as well. Both versions allow unlimited free calling and texts to other app users, plus access to very cheap international voice rates on-demand.”

Download the app for free. For a limited time, the company is offering free calling credit for all new app installs.