QuickCall.com Call & Chat App Now Available in 45 Countries Worldwide

July 17, 2017

QuickCall.com has officially expanded the Global Version of its international calling app to allow download of the app in 45 different countries worldwide, including African and Middle Eastern countries which are large consumers of international calling.

QuickCall.com, now in its second year, originally built a customer base of thousands in the United States and Canada. The beta launch of the Global Version this summer expanded the customer base to 20 countries, and since then the following countries have been added to the list: Cameroon, China, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Israel, Iran, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
People in these markets can now download the app and call over 200 countries and destinations worldwide for no cost or for cheap.

QuickCall.com app customers can make free calls and chats to other “Q-Network” contacts (app users), regardless of the country they are in.
The global upgrade means that customers can use the prepaid international long distance services to call mobiles and landlines worldwide. QuickCall.com is continuing to roll out more countries through 2017, with a goal to make QuickCall.com available to almost anyone in the world.

QuickCall.com’s comprehensive telecom network worldwide allows the company to offer high quality connections and much lower rates than traditional carriers and other apps.
The company boasts “no hidden fees” and transparent pricing for all calls that are not part of the free service, plus flexible payment options for global customers.

“Customers today are looking for a more comprehensive and affordable way to make international calls. In the past, they had to choose either a carrier plan or an internet-only option – QuickCall.com is a total solution for everyone,” says Dan Banu, President of QuickCall.com.

The QuickCall.com upgrades are available for both iPhone and Android, and may be found on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Amazon App Store.

QuickCall.com is a global provider of consumer telecommunication services. The QuickCall.com mobile app is the best way to make fast, prepaid international calls. Designed to be superior to calling cards and other services, it offers full transparency and flexibility. There are no hidden fees or contracts, and credits will not expire on active accounts. QuickCall.com offers highest voice quality and low rates to more than 200 countries worldwide on either Android or iPhone. Find information and app download links here.

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