QuickCall to Debut “Pathway” Software for Refugee and Migrant Support

June 8, 2017

New comprehensive management solution for aid organizations to be demonstrated at the North American Refugee Health Conference in Toronto, Canada

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA (June 8, 2017) — Global telecom company QuickCall has launched a new service called Pathway. The Pathway platform supports aid organizations with a customizable, all-in-one solution that accompanies refugees and migrants throughout their assimilation process.

Pathway arose from aid organizations’ need for more efficient ways of managing refugee and migrant programs. Currently, many use disconnected or limited technologies for communication and training, and are concerned about losing contact at any stage of their clients’ fragile timelines. Additionally, they need robust reporting for compliance and program data.

Over 65 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes to escape danger. Many refugees and migrants have unreliable methods of contacting the people who often represent their only lifeline. Relocation also generates a host of other concerns: complicated legal requirements, new languages and customs, and the need to find housing and work when they get to their destinations.

QuickCall is uniquely qualified to create this solution. Most of its employees are immigrants or foreign workers, and president Dan Banu was himself a refugee when he first moved to America.

“We’ve been collaborating with aid organizations around the world to develop the Pathway platform,” says Mr. Banu. “We want to revolutionize the assimilation process to be more efficient and effective. Most importantly, we want to reduce the possibility of organizations experiencing support failures due to lapses in communication and understanding.”

QuickCall Pathway represents the first SaaS (software as a service) intended to specifically provide aid organizations with one secure location for integrated communication and management tools. The platform is fully customizable; aid organizations select modules and QuickCall builds a tailored Pathway portal to fit their needs.

  • Refugee and migrant participants access the Pathway information portal, plus use the QuickCall calling app which helps them keep a consistent ID even if they change SIM cards.
  • Participants can take courses and access documents, see videos, or make encrypted calls and chats with their case managers.
  • Management features include multilevel permissions management, database integration, custom user groups and customizable modules such as e-learning.

See a video about the Pathway offering for refugees.

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