Refunds and Cancellation

You may cancel your Services at any time without penalty. If you have prepaid any of your Services that remain unused, a refund will be provided in thirty days either via check sent from Quickcall, or as a refund to your credit card, or such other manner in Quickcall’s sole and absolute discretion. You will be responsible for all transaction fees associated with a refund. At the time of your cancellation, a final invoice will be generated and payable as identified therein.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for detailed information about each service.

All charges for your Services will be in United States Dollars (USD). Any refunds for your Services will be provided in USD and if possible provided in the same manner you paid for the Service, or will be provided as an account credit. Any currency conversion charges shall be your responsibility, including such charges as imposed by your credit or debit card company should you pay using such methodologies. Taxes and fees are not refundable in most cases.