How do I buy credit or recharge?

"Adding credit to call is easy. Log in to your account and, on the Snapshot page, click the “Add Credit” button or choose Add Credit directly from the top menu. In order to buy calling credit, you need a valid credit card. We accept major credit cards and PayPal (you can also use most prepaid debit cards in our system). After adding your payment data via our secure system, you will be able to add credit manually... or set your account to automatically recharge via credit card when it gets below your selected value. Note: is a prepaid service. So, you must have credit in your account in order to make cheap international calls."

What's the moment I start being charged for my call?

The moment you are charged for your international call is when the destination party answers your phone call, not when you are just dialing. calls are rounded up to only one minute interval, so you're never charged more than you talk. (Many calling card companies round to 3 minutes.)

How can I find out about offers and promotions?

We will periodically send you specials and discounts on top-up minutes, and we also offer you ongoing methods to earn free international minutes. Log in to your online account and go to the account Snapshot page, then click on the Earn Free Credit tab.

What are the countries I can call with

You can call hundreds of countries with Also, you can find this at the bottom of all our website pages, just click on Country Codes to find the list of the 180 countries we offer cheap international calling to, in alphabetical order.

Also, when searching for rates on our Home page or on the Rates page, you will be able to type in any country name to search and find its rate.

What type of calling cards do you offer?

We don't offer traditional paper calling cards like you buy in stores - ours is a more convenient "virtual calling card" service where you can set up auto-renewal so you never get cut off in the middle of a great conversation!

What is Auto-Recharge and how can I enable/disable it?

The Auto-Recharge feature automatically credits your account after your account balance falls below a certain amount. You can enable or disable it in your account under the "Add Credit" tab. Once you’ve enabled the Auto-Recharge feature, there's no need to approve each Auto-Recharge payment. You can cancel it at any time. Auto-pay is not available with in-app purchase using Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Why can't I add credit to my account?

If you have never added credit to your account before, you may not have a valid payment option on file. Please go to MyAccount and save your credit card information in order to easily recharge your account. You can also pay using Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Paypal.

Why can't I recharge? My account isn't recharging properly.

This may be due to one of two issues:

  • Your payment method may have a conflict or an expired date; go to My Account to update your payment information.
  • Or, you may have reached your weekly recharge limit. Until we get to know each other, you can add $15 in credit per week. After 3 weeks we raise that limit to $50 per week. (Why? It's to prevent fraudulent use of our system.) If you would like to be approved for a higher credit level, please contact customer care.

How do I update my credit card information for auto-recharge?

For security purpose, you will need to cancel the auto-recharge service on your primary card, then enroll your new one. In your account, click on Add Credit, then on Cancel Auto-Recharge.

Once the auto-recharge is cancelled, you may re-enroll for auto-recharge with your new credit card information.

Do you have connection fees or any other extra charges?

Nope. No connection or usage fees and no hidden fees of any type. Isn't it great? You'll pay only for the minutes you talk, billed at our cheap international calling rates.

Do you use VOIP?

Our networks use a combination of VoIP and traditional copper/fiber from partners around the world. If you are using our free wifi calling app-to-app, you will be using primarily VoIP. We constantly fine-tune our connections to ensure you have a high quality calling experience, no matter where you call.

How can I earn free credits?

You can earn free calling credit by sharing with your friends. They’ll get a $5 bonus with their first recharge and you’ll get $5 in FREE calling credit when they become a customer.

How do I refer a customer?

"To refer a friend to, go to the Referrals page and fill out the form with the required data to send an invitation to your friend by email or sms. You can also use QuickShare right from our mobile app in the “More” section under “Get Free Calls.”"

Where can I see my referrals?

When you log in to your account, click on "My Referrals" tab under "Profile". You'll see the list of your referrals and their status will show you if they accepted your invitation to become customers of