Are your rates the same for calling mobiles and landlines?

Usually the rates are different for calling cell phones and landlines, but there are a few exceptions. Check our Rates page to see both landing and mobile rates for the country you wish to call.

How can I find the rate for the number I want to call?

You can check the rate for the number you want to call on the Rates page. Just enter the country you want to call to find out the calling rate for it.

Can there be modifications/variations in rates?

We strive to keep our rates locked as low as possible to be competitive, but some variations in international rates are possible as the market fluctuates. We encourage you to check the Rates page on our website for any changes.

Do you have connection fees or any other extra charges?

"Nope. No connection or usage fees and no hidden fees of any type. Isn't it great? You'll pay only for the minutes you talk, billed at our cheap international calling rates."

Will my credits expire?

No! Your credits never expire for as long as you are a customer. BUT please note, if your account shows no activity for more than 180 days (6 months) it will be considered dormant and may be automatically closed. To keep your credits, you just need to make a call, add value or take another action that shows you're still using the account.

Where can I see my calls & billing history?

It's all there in your online account. Just log in and go to the account Snapshot page. You can check all your calls and payments history from the past 30 days.

How can I check my balance?

"It's in your account Snapshot. Log in and you can see it, add value, or set up your auto-recharge. You can also see your balance in your app, or over the phone by dialing your access number - each time you dial the access number from your regular phone, you will receive a short update on your account balance. "

What is Auto-Recharge and how can I enable/disable it?

The Auto-Recharge feature automatically credits your account after your account balance falls below a certain amount. You can enable or disable it in your account under the "Add Credit" tab. Once you’ve enabled the Auto-Recharge feature, there's no need to approve each Auto-Recharge payment. You can cancel it at any time.

Why can't I add credit to my account?

"If you have never added credit to your account before, you may not have a valid payment option on file. Please go to MyAccount and save your credit card information in order to easily recharge your account."

Why can't I recharge? My account isn't recharging properly.

"This may be due to one of two issues:

  1. Your payment method may have a conflict or an expired date; go to My Account to update your payment information.
  2. Or, you may have reached your weekly recharge limit. Until we get to know each other, you can add $15 in credit per week. After 3 weeks we raise that limit to $50 per week. (Why? It's to prevent fraudulent use of our system.)"

How do I update my credit card information for auto-recharge?

For security purpose, you will need to cancel the auto-recharge service on your primary card, then enroll your new one. In your account, click on Add Credit, then on Cancel Auto-Recharge.

Once the auto-recharge is cancelled, you may re-enroll for auto-recharge with your new credit card information.