What is QuickCall.com?

QuickCall.com is a low cost international calling service. With QuickCall.com, you make international calls to friends and family cheaper, easier. You manage all your international calling, bills and payments faster, through an online account. You get highly competitive, low rates to hundreds of countries worldwide. Check out the rates.

Why should I buy call credit from you?

QuickCall.com offers cheap international call rates, but we don't sacrifice call quality. We make calling easier through our free smartphone app and our Direct Dial feature. There are no hidden fees, your call credit will never expire, you get 1-minute rounding and efficient customer service. Plus, you can start calling after charging your account with as little as $5. You'll love our service, we promise, or we'll make it right!

Is online the only way I can buy from you?

No, you can buy calling credits through your online account or in the QuickCall.com app. However, QuickCall.com is an online prepaid service so we don’t accept payments made by cash or checks. If you encounter any problems during your signup process or credit buying, feel free to contact our Customer Service Representatives, who will be happy to assist you.

How does prepaid work?

For years, frugal international callers have found prepaid calling cards and services to be an economical alternative to paying on a monthly basis to a long distance carrier company contract. The QuickCall.com prepaid service is an option that lets you pay in advance and pay as you go. As your balance gets lower or if it runs out, you can make a payment in your account to keep your service activated. We only deduct minutes as you use them, but it's best to always keep at least $5 in your account for calling so you can make calls without worrying about running out.

How to start making calls with QuickCall?

First of all, sign up for our service, either online or via our app download. You will have to register a valid number and verify it to complete the sign up. Then you will have access to your online QuickCall.com account, where you'll be able to add credit. Once you have credited your account, you can start calling.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up right here on our website or via our app download. It's fast and easy and can save you serious money on your long distance bills.

Why do I have to register numbers?

In order to complete your sign up with QuickCall.com, you need to verify a phone number. Once your account has been established, you can start calling internationally.

I didn't verify my number. What happens now?

If you signed up without completing the verification process, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your online account — You should see the verification page again.
  2. Enter your phone number, select your preferred method of verification (SMS or phone call) and click on “Verify”

Can I re-verify a number through my online account?

If you added a number, but did not verify it yet, you will have to delete it first, then click "Add Number" again and re-enter it. At this point you will be asked to verify the number again. It's the same when you add an additional number, the same steps apply.

Why do you need my email address?

Your email address helps us verify your account and you will use it as your account login. It's also where we send your Welcome Letter that shows you how to use our international phone services. Finally, it's where we send receipts when you add value to your QuickCall.com Account.