VoIP has changed the way all of us stay connected. VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” is the way computer systems transmit and receive audio signals exactly as if they were data.

All the Benefits Without the Risk

VoIP has typically required additional hardware, special phones or other extra equipment. Worse still, that equipment can become obsolete, fail, or be vulnerable to power interruptions. But QuickCall.com provides the VoIP link in the chain, allowing you to use whatever phone you like to make VoIP calls to anywhere in the world. You’ll get crystal clear, cheap VoIp international calls at a fraction of the cost of traditional calls.

Call From Any Phone To Any Phone – Over the Internet!

By letting QuickCall.com route your call over the internet wherever possible, you can save up to 95% of the cost of a typical call. Even better, you can use absolutely any phone to call any other phone and STILL get the savings. And, if a VoIP based call is impossible to your location due to a lack of infrastructure, we’ll still connect you — using good old fashioned wire — for far less.

Use QuickCall.com to Make VoIP Calls and Save

No time limits. No contracts. No complicated call plans. No higher rates at specific times. No upcharges or monthly fees. No extra equipment. Just an easy to use access number and optional PIN. QuickCall.com takes the hassle out of VoIP and passes all the benefits on to you. It’s reliable, fast, and there whenever you want to call internationally.

Make cheap VOIP calls anywhere in the world for less

Credits Never Expire

Stop paying for credits you’ll never get to use!

1-Minute Rounding

No more overcharging. Pay for talk time. Period.

No Hidden Fees

There are never connection or termination fees.

Pinless Dialing

Dial 60% faster than traditional calling cards.


Spend what you like and set your own budget.

Custom Calling Cards

Print your own to share with your friends and family.